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Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood

This game had an aggressive release schedule, I was responsible for two new content updates each week. I created over 100 buildings, complete with multiple building stages, and environmental animation. Additionally I created supporting props, and animated paper-doll style characters. I also helped to create tools to optimize file sizes and visual fidelity of assets in-game.

Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood

Bradd mcbrearty stages 02

Macaroni Restaurant and Apple Pie Bakery

Bradd mcbrearty stages 03

Pumpkin Spice Roll shop and Autumn House

Bradd mcbrearty stages 04

Sled Shop and Holiday Ice Rink

Bradd mcbrearty stages 05

Red Velvet Cake Shop and Valentines Day Spa

Bradd mcbrearty stages 01

Grand Central Subway Station and Magic Book Shoppe